Thursday, April 16, 2015

Day +352 Post Transplant, Our 1 Year Anniversary Is Fast Approaching!

“Give thanks in all circumstances, for this is God’s will for you in Christ Jesus.

April 29th this year will be 1 year since Clif received his bone marrow transplant, can you believe it!!

We are still on the battlefield!  Clif was readmitted to the City of Hope on Tuesday night April 7th, 2015, he continues on an inpatient basis and I am uncertain when he will be discharged.  

He and his "Roomate, the Graft" are still struggling for interior territory.  The primary problem has been the attack on the vascular system, a form of Graft vs Host (GVH).  Fluids continue to leak out of the vascular system and into 3rd space areas like the sack around the heart & lungs and into the abdoment & legs.  He has had Parasenthesis a few times to drain fluids off the body.  Treatment for this is increased steroids.   

This form of GVH has caused Clif to want to sleep, he has also experienced confusion related to additional drugs given like; prednisone,  limotil, morphine and more.   I hope to see the weening process begin soon.  He is being watched very closely and I continue to feel he is receiving the very best medical treatment!

It's been a difficult year to say the least.  Charlie has taken a semester break from ASU, his help with Clif has been a blessing.  Clif requires much physical assistance in standing and in overall transport and Charllie is the man!  Sydney is finishing up her senior year in High School and college choices are winding down,  William is preparing to depart Junior High and begin his first year at Foothill HS.  I am continueing at home as the "Controller" literally, we have caregivers, therapists, many appointments and a home to keep a float and businesses to keep running.  God has been faithful to lavish upon us HOPE and to sustain our every need.  No complaining, just explaining as Clif would typically say. 

Prayers are always appreciated.

Love the Fincher Family


  1. We continue to pray for God's complete healing for Clif and for strength and endurance for the family during this season of your lives.

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  3. Cliff--Till me meet again on the streets that are golden. You will me sorely missed. By EVERYONE who knew you. Rest in Glory brother!