Sunday, February 22, 2015

Day +299 Post Transplant, Patiently Waiting At City Of Hope

“Cast all your anxiety on him because he cares for you.
1 PETER 5 : 7”

Last Week Clif started having some mild stomach cramping, by Tuesday of this week the cramping had intensified to a very painful level.

A drive to he closest ER; Western Medical to be inpatient there for 4 days than another transport ride over to City of Hope.  Our week has been full of X-Rays, CT's, Ultrasounds and No Food By Mouth.  

Its been challenging.  The series of tests have concluded a certain Ileus

A Non-mechanical blockage in the intestines, meaning there is not a physical blockage but movement has stopped.  Mechanical blockages are more common than non-mechanical blockages. Ileus is an example of a non-mechanical blockage.   They do not see an obstruction in the intestines, but something is slowing and even causing the bowel system to sleep a bit.

So we wait...........We've seen all the right doctors and all are hoping this clears on it's own.  There are many many causes of Ileus and without speculating the long list of possibilities, we've narrowed it to probably long term pain meds and slower mobility.

Unfortunately, Clif is on morphine and atavan and the two mixed does cause confusion and anxiety.  Trying to keep him encouraged and quiet.  We are doing PT and trying to get as much physical movement as we can to help things along.  But for now this is a waiting game until doctors feel another course of treatment should be taken.

Please keep up a specific prayer for movement, for the roads to clear and for traffic to start moving on the backed up intestinal highway!

Will keep you posted.  

In His Grace,



  1. So sorry to hear this. Praying mightily for some movement.

  2. Yes...praying for movement SOON!!