Sunday, August 3, 2014

Day + 97, Happy 53rd Birthday Clif!!!

“Be on your guard; stand firm in the faith; be men of courage; be strong.”

1st Corinthians 16:13

Yes, today August 4th, 1961 your friend Clif Fincher turns 53.  He shares this same day and year with President Obama!  If you want to text him a bit of encouragement or wish him a happy birthday that would be a great gift.

A huge "Thank You" too Lee & Associates in Orange for hosting a very successful blood drive in Clif's name,  we understand somewhere around 60 people donated, truly a blessing and what a selfless sacrafice!

Clif has been making good forward progress.  Although a bit frail in his appearance his determination to press on and finish strong is impressive.

It seems the focus this past week has been to get as much fluid off his person as possible.   A diaretic drug call Bumex has been given daily since his departure from ICU, I think he has probably lost 10-15 pounds in just fluids in the last 2 weeks.  

Some health specifics include;  the spleen continues to decrease in size, another big encouragement knowing a splenectomy will probably not be part of our future.  Clif continues to need blood products  daily.  Rehab has been tough, rebuilding quad strength is the primary goal.  Steroids which have been given daily since transplant are harsh on the muscles.  When our most recent battle of GVH appeared, a dramatic increase in steroids took place.  A gentle weaning back is happening but the cost of all of this is weakness to his muscles.  Clif is also off TPN (nutrition on an iv drip)  his appatite has been hardy and a favorite food right now is Vanilla flavored home made protein shakes, a good 450 calories in each one.    Pain meds are being reduced daily which has been tricky, the goal is to get him on all pill form drugs and eliminate all iv drip drugs.  Some pain meds like fentanyl only come on a drip, this drug is very friendly to the brain (little to no confusion or delusion), whereas dilauded reaked havoc on Clifs mental abilities, we will definitely keep that drug at a distance.  A CT will be performed soon to give assurance that the abdomin is free and clear of any concerns.  He also continues to take anti fungals for the continuing lung issue that was discovered way back in February.

Our hope for Clif is to be deemed medically ready for discharge, soon!  We are uncertain of our departure, but we do know that rehabilitating Clifs body will become our next mountain that we fully expect to conquer!  Although still unable to walk, we are in the planning stages of what to do next, inpatient or outpatient rehab will take place God Willing very very soon!!! 

Doctors continue to be amazed by Clifs progress, he truly has been an "Extraordinary" patient.  

Never lose Hope!


  1. Amen! Spoke to Clif this morning to wish him a happy bday and he sounded terrific!

  2. Clif, Happy Birthday! It was great to get the latest update which clearly shows you are pulling thru a tough patch with a combination of faith, family, great nurses and doctors and your determination.

    It seems like posting as a friend that I am proud of you does not do it justice, I am inspired by your incredible determination and resilence, and continue to be grateful for the amazing family that is surrounding you and supporting you each and every day.

    God Bless,

  3. Happy Birthday, Clif,...was so glad to see the latest blog, our prayers are continual. You are amazing, you are going to come through this, the Lord is by your side for sure.
    Love and Prayers,
    Aunt Nancy and Uncle Ralph

  4. A very blessed birthday, Clif! Always eager to read any updates so we can praise God and pray into each of your needs! Now praying for an amazing discharge orchestrated by God and a recovery that only He could formulate!!
    Love and blessings in Christ!
    Ruth and family